Apple Watch Series 6

Apple Watch Series 6|What’s New

What’s up guys, In this post I want to tell you about some rumors about Apple Watch Series 6.

Apple Watch Series 6

Touch ID:

SO right now the apple watch has no biometrics what so ever you can’t scan your face you can’t scan your fingerprint what kind of future present is this anyway one report says Apple is working on a way to get Touch ID on the Apple Watch Series 6.

One method would be building it in the digital crown which would be quite the engineering feed another method would build the scanner under the display. And in security to the Apple Watch is a good idea but I wonder when this will happen.

I would think Apple introduce a touch ID sensor under the display first as compared to the iPhones because not a single iPhone which has an under-screen fingerprint sensor.

Panic Attacks and Stress Tracking:

Apple is working on the watch OS features for the Apple Watch Series 6 that check on your mental health included in this would be the ability to detect when the wearer is about to have a panic attack I think this is very likely at some point.

Apple has done an Amazing Job making an apple watch into a smart health device.

SPO2 Tracking:

This feature would allow the apple watch to track your blood oxygen levels for SPO2 tracking you need a new pulse oximeter sensor added to the watch.

Why is this Exciting wouldn’t you want to know if something was going to compromise your brain function or heart. I think this is also very likely for apple watch series 6 like I said Apple did an amazing job turning the apple watch into the health device.

Sleep Tracking:

It could finally be coming to the Apple watch natively back in 2017 apple acquired Beddit one of the best-named companies in the history of the world. Beddit is the Sleep tracking company that makes the piece of hardware that goes under your sheet.

It collects all kinds of data while you sleep like your heart rate, how many breaths you take per minute, little stalker snoring, and environmental data like temperature. The biggest hurdle for an apple watch to track sleep data is the battery life that being said the other companies will figure this out.

So how could Apple managed to pull this off the bigger battery could help but we all know about apple and it’s obsession thinness so we are probably not looking at the very thick apple watch series six with a massive battery. A power drain can be solved in the software. If watch OS has a sleep mode we’re sipping power while watching only a few metrics it could be done.

Perhaps could create a coprocessor that kicks in at night something underpower that does not require as much battery as its S3 processor or maybe apple could introduce a faster charging option than it already has currently it takes about 2 hours to fully charge an apple watch get that charge time down and people may be able to keep the watch on all night and quickly charge it on the morning.

Circular Design:

There are a couple of apple patterns showing the familiar skwerkel apple watch and a circular one. As we all know patterns not necessarily mean a company will release a product that matches the figures also I don’t think that Apple will move to a circular watch face ever. Why it took the company a lot of revisions to get watch OS then they’re all the apps that would have to modify to a circular screen.

If they are not modified even things would be cut off or there could be dead space so it is difficult to make a company change its watch Shape.

So let me know your thoughts about the Apple Watch Series 6 in the comment section below and as always I will see you tomorrow.

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