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Apple Watch OS 7 Beta 1|What’s New

What’s up guys, In this post I want to tell you about the new Apple Watch OS 7 Beta 1.

Apple Watch OS 7 Beta 1

Supported Devices:

Apple has just released its new Apple Watch OS 7 for the developers and you need a series 3 series 4 and series 5 Apple watch to install it. Those are the only watches it’s available for and this should release to the public sometime in fall around September and October.


You will need an iPhone to install it and it was about a gigabyte in size and if you’ve not installed a watch OS beta before make sure that you really know what you’re getting into because you cannot downgrade by yourself you have to bring it to apple they send it in and downgrade it for you.


Battery Health:

This update adds some nice features and the first thing is battery health. In Settings, if you scroll down to the battery, in the battery you will see the charge and if you go a little bit down you will see battery health.

New Watch Faces:

Now you have got the new Watch faces in Watch OS 7 and you will also minimal customize your watch faces directly to apple watch.

Share a watch Face:

Once you customize apple watch according to your taste you now can share it so you can share it using a little share button and the share watch face will available to the apple watch app on your iPhone and you will use it in the future.

Sleep Tracking:

Now the new feature is sleep tracking this was long rumored to be coming and if go to sleep here you have a couple of new options and you will set it up with your iPhone health app first. In watch OS 7 we have sleep tracking full schedule no recent sleep data. when you set it up you will get all of your sleep data in your Apple watch directly.


Now in Watch Os 7 apple updated the activity app and reamed as fitness and fitness now have the new workout features. If you go to the workout app in the apple watch we have some new ones.

Cycling Navigations:

Now apple updated maps in apple watch they add some new features in maps also. Now apple updated maps with cycling directions. This will give you the fastest route and you can also pick to avoid hills and you will also get pop-ups when you have to take stairs for just customize for the cyclist. And now you will see the gas stations on your watch.


We have a new feature in the new Watch OS 7 that is hand wash. This Feature will remind you with haptic feedback to wash your hands for twenty seconds and it will automatically detect the noise of water and starts a timer for hand wash.

Now the Apple Tracks your record continuously and optimizes your battery to last long standout.

Other Features:

Apple release the four new one workout types including dancing core training functional strength and cool down. now you’ve always been able to track workouts as whatever you want after the fact with the apple watch.

Translation App:

The translation app that we saw on iOS 14 also comes in the apple watch this means that you are going to be able to translate entire conversations on the fly just using your wrist.

Car Key:

This feature is only available in apple watch series 5 and comes in the new apple watch series 6 that works like a car key fob therefore you can controlling your car remotely.

So let me know your thoughts about the new Apple Watch OS 7 in the comment section below and as always I’ll see you tomorrow.

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