iPhone XS Max

iPhone XS Max Revisited|Should you buy in 2020

What’s up guys, in this post I want to tell you about my experience on iPhone XS Max in 2020.

iPhone XS Max


The Display on iPhone XS Max has 6.5″ Super Retina display. It is not 90 Hertz it is not 120 Hertz but what it is a display that gets plenty bright 625 nits and it is an OLED display but what I like about this display that it has the 3D touch. It also has Dark Mode as well as True Tone. You do have a notch up there which is big compared to little punch holes.


The Software on the iPhone XS Max is 13.5.1 which is fully updated you will get the new iPhone 11 pro experience with this phone but some functions might be not available. And you will also get 2-3 years of more software updates with this phone which is quite good.


The iPhone XS Max comes with the A12 Bionic Chip which is beast in performance. You can do almost every task with this phone without any lag. This Phone does have a really good gaming experience as well most games are ultra-smooth, good graphics, great OLED Display dual speakers for better audio. You don’t have any issues regarding the performance.


The iPhone XS Max comes with Max Storage of 512 GB so there is a lot of storage available for this phone as well.


The iPhone XS Max has a dual 12 Megapixels camera one is a standard wide, one is a telephoto. Now there’s no night mode on this phone but it has Smart HDR and the camera bump is a little bit thick. But at the same time, it produces pretty good results here even in 2020. It has portrait mode square mode panoramic mode time-lapse slow-mo and a good video.

The front-facing camera is also quite acceptable here as well with portrait mode photography on the front.


You Might say that it is the big brother of the iPhone X. The design on this Phone is the same as the iPhone X but in a bigger shell.


When it comes to the audio performance you have stereo speakers in this device and the sound quality is pretty amazing.

Phone Call quality:

When it comes to the phone call quality for this device in mid-2020 its a pretty good call quality. The LTE here on this device works pretty well.

Face ID:

The iPhone XS Max is just having a face ID. The face ID on this Device works pretty well.


You will get Dual Sim with this phone. It is the first iPhone that comes with the Dual Sim. You can get Physical Dual Sim model as well as One Physical and one E-sim model.


The battery on the iPhone XS Max I have to state that this phone is not the best iPhone on battery life but it has pretty long battery life. So you’re gonna get through most of the day.if you are the medium user you can probably get through a day and a half with this but it’s not the two days of the iPhone 11 Pro max but put the low power mode on and you should make it through most days on this phone.

I still think you will get a better battery life on the iPhone XR. But this is still a day phone and I think that’s enough for most people.


The iPhone XS Max in 2020 it’s still recommended because it still likes 90% of what the iPhone 11 Pro Max is. It also has a pretty good camera good display average battery life but it’s still recommended because of its performance in terms of day to day usage.

So tell me your thought about the iPhone XS Max and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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