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Apple iPhone X in 2020|Is This Best ?

Hello Guys, In this post Iā€™m going to tell you about my Experience on iPhone X after 2.5 years later.

Apple iPhone X


The Design Held in iPhone X holds up very well in this fact this was a major shift from apple to a new design. We lost the home button we gained the little bit of notch at the top. You gained face ID and quite a few advances with this phone we still have this gesture-based system and this phone still looks modern after 2.5 years.

If I show the front of this next to iPhone 11 pro they look the same almost every way except the back where the camera is a little bit different.

Now the construction on the iPhone X is stainless steel and that’s what they are using on the high-end iPhone’s today.

Face ID:

This was the first phone which has the Face ID and it works pretty well. This Face ID is a little bit slower than the Current version of Face ID but it works fine. The new Phone is one second faster but overall though it’s great.


This was also Apple’s First OLED Display and it’s held up pretty well. It’s HDR 10 compatible it’s 5.8 inches.1125*2436 with 458 pixels per inch it also has a true tone. So if you like True Tone You can be turned that on.

3D Touch:

One features that the iPhone X has that the newest Phone doesn’t have is 3D touch so that makes it feel sort of more modern even though the new phones removed it. The Apple iPhone X still have a pressure-sensitive layer under the display so that you can do 3D touch pop up things open quicker.


Now the Battery life on the iPhone X maybe it’s a bigger downfall as compared to the newest phones where apple really well on out on the battery and increased the battery size significantly. But you Still get 5-6 Hours of the screen on time.


The processor in the iPhone X is the same as the iPhone 8 plus because it was released in the same year. So tasks, in general, feels fast now using apps is going to give you the same experience that you would get on something such as an 11 pro max. The things on the iPhone X is smooth overall.


Now speaking of the cameras, the cameras are quite good and some people say they’re better than XS and XS Max they like the color of them a little bit better. The front-facing cameras are also quite good but you are not going to get the same experience that you do on the newest phones. That’s where the big difference is you have a 1080P camera on the front. It’s a 7-megapixel camera as supposed to a 12-megapixel camera on the newer phones.

Software Support:

When it comes to Software Updates I would expect at least two or three more years with no issues maybe even longer we don’t know because Apple doesn’t give us the time. So based on the past you have about five years total so we have at least a couple more years.

Should you buy iPhone X in 2020

So does it make sense to buy iPhone X in 2020 I would say yes if you can get at a reasonable price. If you can find this in $500 and less it’s a good buy.


It has the good cameras, not the best, great build quality, great body, super-premium feeling, great display solid battery life not amazing but good enough to not dissuade from buying this phone. The Face ID is still very good here, wireless Charging 3D touch and there is a lot of features here.

So tell me your thought about the iPhone X in 2020 and as always I will see you tomorrow.

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