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Apple iPhone 7|3.5 Years Later|Still Worth Buying?

What’s up guys, In this post I’m going to tell you about my Experience on iPhone 7 3.5 years later.

Apple iPhone 7


The iPhone 7 Body is made up of Aluminium Shell and you know there’s still today coming out with aluminum shell but a lot of them are going to glass backs mostly so this is kind of not looking too modern anymore but a lot of people like it because it does not attract fingerprints too much and also it just kind of looks clean but it doesn’t support wireless charging.

And the other thing about this phone is that it’s extremely thin. The iPhone 7 after 3.5 years later is still one of the thinnest phones out there. It’s thinner then iPhone 11 pro it’s thinner than iPhone 11. It’ super thin which makes it really light as well. And again it just looks like the new 2020 iPhone SE.


iPhone 7 has a 4.7″ retina display here now what I like about this display that it’s very well calibrated it’s always been very well calibrated with P-3 Color gamut. This thing right here no true tone but it did have a very fast 3d touch shortcut.

Definitely, the Display besides true tone is still quite nice and of course, you still enable dark mode brought in IOS 13. It’s a full 16:9 Display which is not bad for you. The display is OK in 2020 it’s not bad.


The software on this phone is IOS 13.5.1 which is the latest software and this is getting IOS 14 as well which is pretty amazing but so it’s a little bit different from the newer iPhones.


The iPhone 7 has A10 Fusion Chip which is good enough for Day to Day task. In iPhone 7 you did get 2 GB of Ram it was able to play games pretty well but multitasking apps will reload on the iPhone 7 but you can play most of the games right here.


You can get it up to 256GB of storage on the iPhone 7. There are three storage options available on the iPhone 7 (32 GB,128 GB, 256 GB).


The iPhone 7 camera can still outperform a lot of android competitors, especially in the budget price range. The video is where it still shines. iPhones have always great video cameras. Now the Front facing camera on here is a little bit weak does only 1080P video recording 7 Megapixels again the result for some reason they still come out very good even though you know it’s not the highest sensor or anything like that you still get an overall picture out of the front-facing camera and live photos are available. So the camera overall no Smart HDR. You can even record up to 4K at 60 FPS recording.


So the iPhone 7 was the first iPhone to get rid of the headphone jack in 3.5 years later most people have AirPods and Bluetooth headphones and are over it.

The newer Phones have louder speakers then this. This is the first-gen but the speaker sound is more than enough. They still ok they don’t sound anything Premium.


The battery Life never was impressed with iPhone 7. It’s not like you can’t get through a day.it will get 3-4 hours Screen on time.

Phone Call Quality:

The phone call quality on here is pretty much excellent. The Phone call quality on this Phone is Pretty Good on This Phone.

Still Worth buying iPhone 7

I Probably Would say go for the iPhone 8 if you want a budget old iPhone.But if you just save a little and get the SE you’re gonna get the same experience with modern stuff inside of it so keep that in mind. So the iPhone 7 is still supported which is pretty impressive but I think in terms of hardware it’s just dated at this point.


So tell me your thought about the iPhone 7 in 2020 and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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