Android 11

Android 11! Is this Incredible ?

What’s up guys, In this Post I’m going to tell you about android 11.

Android 11

So after a short delay, the first user-facing Android 11 Beta is now available and we’ve been digging into share what we think we are the top new user-facing features that don’t need to be enabled so Let’s Dive in.

Top Features:

If you watching tons of video on your android phones then the picture in picture mode is great for watching videos and still being productive.

Android 11 beta now adds the ability to slightly resize floating windows for better overall viewing experience the method can be a little bit tricky and you can’t resize a video in huge amounts but it probably enough t make things a little more visible when you are doing other things.

Android 11 PIP

The pixel launcher may be pretty vanilla but the latest Beta update for the Android 11 is making that experience a little bit smarter and add in some more customization options you probably don’t move things around your home screen all too much but if you do drag and drop apps from your dock then one of the most used application will now drop into place alongside this you can also tweak your suggestions to block specific apps within your device settings.

They’re also a new icon within the customization and theming settings and you may still run a third-party launcher but the pixel launcher is now getting much-needed improvements a smaller usability change and enhances overall cohesion in Android 11 Beta 1 is the zoom on wallpaper feature when swiping up into your app drawer and wiping down into the notification Shade.

Another Much needed enhancement for android is media controls and we’ve got a complaint about these for a while but the Android 11 beta 1 looks like it finally addressing the issues there are a couple of neat new tweaks and that will help you and listening to multiple music apps you can now toggle a media resumption options within developer options to add a panel on the notification toggles this persistent panel lets you choose the tracks scrub within audio and you can also switch between connected Bluetooth devices.

Android 11 volume control

The Very last new media enhancement in Android 11 Beta 1 is found on the lock screen the tweaks are not massive but you will see a far more refined playing icon with more prominence skip play pause and reverse toggles.

Adding to the recent quick access to google cards and passes feature Android 11 Beta 1 adds a very simple smart home control center when holding your sleep awake button this new power menu combines any connected google home smart hardware and your google play cards and passes for a neat and tidy one-stop-shop if you have any smart home lighting connected you can adjust these with these panel making it even easier to control your smart home devices.

Google has invested a great of time and effort into accessibility features in recent years all leveraging the power of google assistant but Android 11 beta 1 takes a step further still have been around for a while previously voice access used on-screen numbers in a grid but now Android 11 can read what’s on your screen and understand the context and indeed content as a result you can say the name of a button app or action you want to use instead of reading the number making it even easier to get full control of your device using just your voice.

So those are a few of the things that are a most notable feature in Android 11 beta 1 have you downloaded and installed in your pixel if so let me know what your favorite new features in the comment section below and as always I will see you tomorrow.

Have a Nice Day 🙂

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