5 Things Samsung Needs to Stop!

5 Things Samsung Needs to Stop!

So 2020 has been a very interesting year for Samsung some big decisions some big mistakes some backlash it happens to the best of the best while they are still currently the most innovative company out there. Here What they need to fix an ad moving on.

5 Things Samsung Needs to Stop!

Inferior Chips:

Samsung always makes Two variants of its flagship phones the international Exynos model and a snapdragon model for US, Canada, China and now South Korea there’s been some differences in the pause between the two chips but for a few years now Qualcomm has been edging out the Exynos and this year things got to a boiling point especially at $1400 this is unacceptable battery issues heating problems performance gap all of this is just bad news. Samsung is the only company that does this and somehow they get away with this like imaging if Apple did something like this making two variants for the same iPhones with one performing inferior. Samsung said in their response that according to their testing the performance was equal but that is so far from the truth Secretly they do know this because even in their homeland South Korea the Galaxy S20 comes with snapdragon 865 chip that created a huge problem for Samsung. Some people are legit, not happy all the heads Samsung knows this and this time to fix this issue for good.

Half Baked Camera & Marketing Mistakes:

One of the biggest criticism this year has been surrounding the camera. Samsung cam out with big numbers 100x zoom and 108 MP camera the hype was indeed unreal but the reality it didn’t give up to it. The s20 ultra had camera issues from day 1 which is something you don’t expect from the $1400 smartphone again if apple does something like that. Samsung sent numerous software updates to fix these issues and while it did improve is not up to their awesome level with this set with the galaxy note and their previous flagship phones you don’t see this problem on galaxy s20 and s20 plus this is something Samsung cannot fix and this is a hardware issue that is only present only in s20 ultra and the reason behind this that Samsung used a different autofocus system for the s20 ultra so from now on no more half baked camera experience we need best possible experience out their especially at $1400 price also the 100x zoom marketing it was pretty bad the phone can take great photos at 10x level but since they blasted 100 x zoom on the back of the phone the whole point of that is neglected people just talk about the 100x zoom they realize this and it’s been reported this that they won’t be using this for the future flagship phones.


It’s hard to imagine that Note 10 plus is also made by Samsung last year still in my opinion is the most beautiful design of Samsung flagship out there.Samsung could have lost great colors like they did with the galaxy note 10 .

Insane Pricing:

Now we can all agree that Samsung went pretty high with the pricing the s20 series starting at $1000 and ends at $1400 while at the same time the Samsung is still relying on the galaxy s10 series from the last year to cover up the 850 dollars range.

Longer Software Updates:

Samsung still has 2 years of software updates which are crazy imagine the $1400 16GB Ram galaxy s20 ultra you are buying it will be outdated faster than apple’s 2016 iPhone 6s with all that crazy hardware on Samsung’s current flagship phone we need at least three years of software updates. Especially now with the current pricing, three years of software updates are what we need minimum so these were the things that I want Samsung to fix in the future.

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